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Agriturismo Podere Il Fornacino

all five senses immersed in nature...
Boutique Eco-Agriturismo

A little bit of us...

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The perfect place to see, taste, smell, touch and hear the real Tuscany

Meet us:



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Our Philosophy

Who we are.


The business is run by Marco Pizzoccheri and his English partner Lora. Marco, a graduate in law, decided to break away from family tradition (his father and two brothers are all lawyers) following a gap year travelling around the world with Lora. They decided to dedicate themselves body and soul to working on the land, raising animals, planting crops and flowers and running an agriturismo, fuelled by a love of nature, the countryside, wildlife and Italian cuisine.


Marco and Lora are proud and happy to be able to offer you a relaxing holiday, in a refined yet friendly atmosphere, away from the chaotic city life. As a guest you can get a taste of the tranquil Tuscan way of life.

The Podere


Podere Il Fornacino is the original name of the farmhouse and land situated in the beautiful parish of Santa Luce a small medieval hilltop village, gem of the Pisan Hills, which for generations has been the home of Tuscan farmers. The house has been lovingly renovated with a perfect balance of both Tuscan tradition and modern architecture by the Pizzoccheri family who also wished to preserve, as far as possible, the relationship with the nature surrounding the property, with the land, with its produce and with animals in a small working farm which is lovingly tended to in a modern and ecologically friendly manner.

We take environmental responsibilty seriously at Podere Il Fornacino. Since moving to the country to live on our thirteen hectare property just inland from the beautiful Etruscan coast, we set out to create the  kind of agriturismo we would love to stay in ourselves, applying our own green, sustainable philosophy, which continues to evolve.

The organic philosophy is central to the management of our farm and agriturismo as we believe that we have a responsibility to care for our planet and that it is up to each individual to be accountable for their impact upon the environment, with each element in harmony with nature.

The creation of a wildlife-friendly garden, rainwater collection and a commitment to organic produce have been standard practice from the outset.  We live on solar power and collect our own water from the roof of our house, and all water used in our farm, kitchen garden and olive groves is runoff from the hills above us. We use low-energy lightbulbs and energy-efficient appliances throughout the farmhouse, along with monitoring of energy and water use, and minimising and recycling of waste.


We are committed to sustainable agriculture embracing the traditional philosophies of farming and recognise the importance of growing crops through natural means. Our smallholding is integrated into our kitchen and we strive to use ingredients on a “field to fork” basis. Organic, zero kilometre food means the smallest carbon footprint possible and the freshest, most nutritious food. 

We rear our own animals who enjoy much of the food waste. What cannot be fed to them is composted with garden waste, animal manure and bedding to enrich our kitchen garden soil the following year.

Whether you gather eggs, pick fruits or vegetables, put your hands in the dirt or just sit still and enjoy the sunrises or stars, we want our farm to feel like a special place where you can lose contact with your daily routine and forget your worries. We have found that there is something about being surrounded by fields, trees, animals and open spaces that can clear the mind and soothe the soul. Walk the trails, breathe in the fresh country air, watch the sunset over the rolling Pisan hills.





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